The solution for physical and chemical properties management.

Today, knowledge and data management is strategic for all companies. e-thermo™ is a web based software, which allows to secure and capitalize all the physical and chemical properties of your products.

Solution approved by small and large companies

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The capitalization of your properties.

Expert in the design, development and optimization of industrial processes, Processium has always made of the capitalization, traceability and reliability of physical and chemical properties its priority. With this in mind, the company has been developing the web-based software e-thermo™ since 2004.

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Secure your data

Capitalize all your private physical and chemical properties in a well-designed digital vault, over which you have full control.


Make the most of data

Add value to all your projects with this ergonomic online tool that allows you to view, compare and select the most relevant data. You can even export your data to the process simulation software Aspen Plus.


Easy access to data

Thanks to this connected and collaborative tool, share data of your choice with your project team, no matter where they are.

Web-based software for physical and chemical properties management.

Discover the main features of this ergonomic tool that allows you to centralize your data in complete security.


• Server hosted in France
• Data traceability that indicates its origin
• Workflow for data insertion and validation by the referents
• Evaluation of data reliability


• Advanced research by compounds or properties
• View and compare data
• Export to Excel or Aspen Plus


• Share with your project team members, your colleagues from another site and your external partners
• Project mode work with the people of your choice

Capitalize Valorize Share

All kinds of properties.

Data of pure components or mixtures, model paramaters, measured or predicted data ; numerous properties can be capitalized in e-thermo™.

Physical property data

Physical property data

Phase equilibrium data
Vapor pressures
Critical data
Thermodynamic properties
Transport properties…

Chemical property data

Chemical property data

Heat of combustion

Reaction kinetics data

Reaction kinetics data

Activation energy
Order of reaction
Pre-exponential factor
Reaction rate constant…

Safety parameters and properties

Safety parameters and properties

Flash point
Autoignition temperature
Explosion limits
Minimum ignition energy
Maximum explosion pressure…

Multiple data banks to access a maximum of properties.

Standard data bank

Standard data bank

Contains over 12,000 properties on pure components and 21,000 datasets on mixtures.

Your company’s private data bank

Company’s private data bank

In which you capitalize and manage your private properties.

DIPPR® Project 801

DIPPR® Project 801

World renowned thermophysical data bank (optional).

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A solution developed by Processium.

Processium is a renowed expert in industrials processes design, development and optimization. We support our clients in the development of their projects in chemistry, biosourced chemistry, circular economy, decarbonization and process optimization.

Experimental data

Experimental data

Thanks to its laboratory equipment, Processium carries out measurements on many physical properties: thermodynamic, kinetic, calorimetric, etc…, and stores them in your own e-thermo™ database.

Modeling and simulation

Modeling and simulation

Based on available data or measurements performed in our laboratory, Processium develops robust models and implements them in process simulation softwares such as Aspen Plus, Prosim, Superpro Designer, etc.

Design and development

Design and development

Processium designs and develops new industrial processes or improves the performance of existing ones by selecting the best technologies and process solutions, sizing equipments, setting up operating conditions and validating solutions in the laboratory.